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Add new website to Marketads.net

Hello our beloved users.

I am pleased to show you how to add your first website/ blog to our adnetwork- www.marketads.net.

After you create your account on marketads.net you will have full access to your publisher page.

In the picture above you are in the dashboard zone.

Here you can see “Available balance”, “Today’s income“, “This month’s income“, “Total Income“, “Today’s Traffic“, “Month’s Traffic“, “Total Traffic“.

These will be populated with numbers after the traffic will be sent through marketads.net network.

In the publisher area, as a publisher, you will be interested in 4 things:

  1. Dashboard- to see details about income money and sent traffic- IMG 1;
  2. Websites- to be aible to add/ delete websites- IMG 2;
  3. Reports- you will see stats, available by date, by country, by OS and by browsers- IMG 3;
  4. Code Generator- IMG 4.

In Websites page- IMG 2- you can se info about your existent/ new websites like “Site Name”, “Site URL”, “Status”, “Date Added” and “Actions”. Now you can see no info because we didn’t yet add a website. In top right corner you can see two buttons: “List”- will list you all your registred websites and “New”- to add new website.

IMG-2 Websites Page
IMG-2 Websites Page

The Report Page it will show you all reports from a specific time, country, OS or browser- you can see those buttons on the top right corner.

IMG-3 Reports
IMG-3 Reports

You will se “Date”, “Impressions”, “Rate”, “Revenue” and two charts- “”Top 5 visitors by Date” and “This month’s stats”.

The Code Generator Page is a very important part when you want to make money online with www.marketads.net.

After you add a website, select the website from the dropdown meniu and hit generate code button.

Copy the code carefully and add it to your website. Every code is unique per website and cannot be added on other websites.

IMG-4 Code Generator
IMG-4 Code Generator

After you took all these steps money will come to you as soon as a campaign will be associated to your website niche.

Good Luck!