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Create campaign on marketads.net

This post will show you how to create your first campaign on our network.

First of all you have to create your account. Click here to see how to create it.

After creating your account you have to go to “Advertiser” page and to click on “Campaigns”.

IMG- Campaigns

As you can see in the image above, you have: “Campaign Name”,  “”Today Delivered”, “Total Delivered”, “Ordered”, “CPM Bid”, “Status”, “Actions”.

Campaign Name= you campaign’s name e.g. “test”, “John”, “site.com”.

Today Delivered= the number of the delivered impressions for the day you access the “Campaigns” page.

Total Delivered= the total number of the delivered impression from the beginning of the campaign.

Ordered= the total ammount that you have spent for this campaign from the beginning of it.

CPM Bid= the cost for 1000 visitors. The Bid can be changed, you can increase it to get the best traffic. When you click on it you can check your position compared to your competitors. You can increase or decrease it.

Status= the status of your campaign after you have created it. It can be “pending”, “active”, “decline”.

Actions= buttons that help you to edit, delete, add country, block ID for your campaign.

On the secondary line we have:

Reference= the ID of the campaign.

Country= shows the country/ies that you have selected for your campaign.

Secondary status= live status like: active, paused and out of funds.

3 buttons= “add funds to campaign”, “start/ pause”, “delete”.

All these will be shown after your first campaign will get approved.

Let’s return and let’s see how to creat your first campaign.

On the top right you will se two buttons: one for “list” and another for “new”. Click on “new”.

IMG- Campaigns2

After you will be redirected to that page where you have to set up the GEO category- here you can choose either world wide traffic for your campaign, single or multiples countries. The minimum ammount has to be 5$ doesn’t matter if you choose world wide traffic or multiples countries. So the minimum order is 5$.

IMG- Campaigns3

Ok. After you have selected your prefered countries, go to the bottom of the page and click continue.

IMG- Campaigns4

After that this page will appear.

IMG- Campaigns5

Now you have to complete all those fields and checkboxes to set up your campaign properly.

Hit the save button and your campaign it is set up and it’s status is pending.

An adminitrator will approve your campaign, of course if meets all the requirements and marketads.net TOS.

That’s it! If you still have problems don’t forget to email us or to chat on skype: marketads.net

Good Luck!